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DefCon 101 Announcement (dc18)

T-Shirts Donated by IVU

A book, you know, or maybe two

TheEFF Summit has donated some passes

Legally speaking, they're hardcore badasses

Perhaps, Perhaps a Secret Prize

From the Mystery Challenge, I do surmise

You think you know, but you may be Wrong

A clue you'll have, if you play along

The Scavenger Hunt will be up on the stage

DualDFlipFlop is their brand new paige

Eris and Siviak and Vandal, Oh my

Hack the Contest and you may get by

Lost, his game, your mind may break

The puzzles and challenges will keep you awake

Lockheed and Jenn and GM1 there

The knowledge they have is something quite rare

Pyr0 will show, that contests are cool

Join in the fun and you'll be no fool

DT may tell us where DefCon is going

I don't believe, that attendance is slowing

World Domination is a game to be played

At least the gay hackers don't want a parade

Runnerup is the man with the plan

I really am a super huge fan

I think, my rhyming, will soon stand and halt

If you didn't enjoy it, it isn't my fault

Perhaps you should join us on Thursday at one

The Prizes, The Games, The Talks will be fun

And Now I must leave you, but think on this well

When Sunday comes and you leave the hotel

Will you think back, on your DefCon Story

With thoughts of regret, or those of glory?

DefCon 101 is Thursday July 29th at 1pm

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