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Unofficial Defcon FAQv4

Rules to Survive By

The Full FAQ may be a lot to wade through, so these are 10 key rules to help you survive DefCon

1) Prostitution is NOT legal here

While Prostitution is legal in some counties in Nevada, Las Vegas is NOT one of them.

2) Don't use the ATM at the hotel(s)

This one is very self explanatory. It's like leaving your children at NAMBLA Daycare. You're just asking for something to get stolen. Walk to the one of the hotels next door, it's not that far and it's better than getting your info jacked.

3) Don't be surprised if you get your picture taken.

For good or bad, the DefCon policy of no pictures/video is gone. So don't be surprised if people randomly take your picture... Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll put you on their facebook.

4) Do Not connect to the DefCon Network

Not unless you want your computer to be Anally Rape. And not like that the nice kind of anal, not like broken back mountain where they spit on the dick first... No, I'm talking the prison rape kinda shit, the one where they don't stop at the elbow. Trust me, It's not fun like in the movies. When the DefCon Network has had it's way with you, your computer will become the proverbial Hacker Cum Dumpster. Lockheed told me that the secure network is a trap!

5) Hack the Contests

If you decided by this point to submit to the ultimate challenges of DefCon and enter a Contest, then hack them. This is a hacker conference, the rules of the contests are guidelines, and if it's not specifically forbidden or spelled out, there's always a way to circumvent it.

In the case of the contests, it's always better to ask for forgiveness than permission. More often than not you'll be given points if you do something and then convince the judges of it, than if you goto the judges before hand and ask if you can do something... Just ask any scavenger hunt winner in the past 5 years who now holds a black badge.

6) Don't be an Asshat/fucktard

You can read what an asshat and fucktard are. So Don't ruin everybody's fun by being one.

7) Socialize

You have 361 days a year where you can sit on your computer and not be social... You're at DefCon, so log off IRC, put the laptop away and go make some friends face to face.

8) Stay Hydrated

You need to remember when you are in the desert your body needs fluids. Just because there is a lack of sweat or your body "feels cool", it does not mean that you're not becoming dehydrated. Drink plenty of fluids and even more if you decide to drink some alcohol.

9) Follow the 3-2-1 Rule Daily

At a MINIMUM follow the 3-2-1 Rule Daily - Three hours of sleep, Two Meals, One Shower. And if you only take One Shower or > a day, Lather on the deodorant.

10) Planning a Good DefConian Adventure(tm)

For the ultimate DefCon Experience, you need to be an ACTIVE participant. Don't be a Lurker. Get out there and get involved. Go to some Villages; Participate in some Contests; Hang out and Socialize. Experience the Con. Make some friends, and don't be a fly on the wall. You may not know a lot, you will make some mistakes, but there is nothing wrong that. As long as you don't act like your leet, or as an asshat or have a standoffish attitude you will make friends at DefCon and you will learn a lot. But that is ONLY possible if you put yourself out there. Become a part of the community by adding to it.

Every Hacker at this Conference was a n00b at some point. Every one of them made mistakes and all the good ones don't front... If they don't know something they ask a question*. A huge part of being a hacker is the unsaitable thirst for knowledge. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned expert on a topic, you will have something to add and something to learn, if you just get involved. Don't spend all of DefCon sitting on your laptop.

So when you goto DefCon you have the choice, you can have an amazing DefConian Adventure and walk away from the event with more knowledge and friends, or you can be too timid to make a mistake and just lurk on the periphery. The Choice is up to you!