Buy them a Beer!

People who deserve thanks for their part in "The Unofficial DefCon FAQ v2.0"

Special thanks for people involved in the FAQ go out to: Thorn, Renderman, TheCotman, Nikita, Dallas, Wiseacre, Dead Addict, Meee, Russr, Panadero, Ck3k, Xodia, Deviant, Lil_Freak, Hackajar, Che, alklloyd, DT, Spahkle, L0NDO, AlxRogan, Neil, Siviak, ThePrez98, TW, erehwon, Blackwave, Blackbettle, Grifter, Astcell, Barkode, Noid, Chris, Flea, Abby_Nrml, Godminusone, DaKahuna, Octalpussy, AggonA, Neural, zziks, Nulltone, dmz, Converge, Skroo, Valkyrie, Runnerup! and numerous others in the Defcon Community that gave me/I took questions/answers/quotes.

If you would like to help in some way, you can buy one of these people a beer or some other alcoholic beverage at Defcon.~ HighWiz

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