Unofficial Defcon FAQv4

Avatar Badge Instructions


  • 1 - 3x5 stiff card
  • 1 - Trip to FedEx Office Print Center (for laser printing and lamination) (under 5 bux)
  • 1 - glue stick (unless you use the free one at FedEx's)
  • 1 - hole puncher (Also available at FedEx's)
  • 1 - lanyard and clip (optional - since you can clip it to your badge that you get at DefCon.)


  1. Create your image to be 3 inches wide by 5 inches high.
  2. Save your avatar to 3 inches wide by 4 inches high.
  3. Center your avatar so that the bottom side has an inch of floating space.
  4. On the lower half of blank space Choose your favorite font and appropriate font size and type in your username/nick/handle
  5. Using the laser printer at full color, print out the image with their graphics program to 3x5 document
  6. Logout of the machine and let the clerk know you are done so you don't get charged extra when there is no need to.
  7. Get your 3x5 cards and take them to the dress up tables, cut the paper with the paper cutter into the 3x5 rectangles.
  8. Using your glue stick carefully put a few dots of glue on the corners (you are going to laminate it so you don't have to make sure it is a super duper strong hold.)
  9. Using a straight edge (like a ruler), gently press the image down and make sure it is flat on the 3x5 card.
  10. After you press down again and make sure all the corners are aligned take it to the clerk and get it laminated, you can cut it yourself out of the large sheet of laminateon the table when she/he is done (they charge extra to do it themselves).
  11. Now go and Pay for it!

My finished avatar badge:

If you decide to wait till you get to DefCon to make your avatar badge, the two closest FedEx Office Print Center to Ballys/Paris are at: 395 Hughes Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV (702) 951-2400 - & 4750 West Sahara Avenue #38, Las Vegas, NV (702) 870-7011