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Unofficial Defcon FAQ

Q) What's the purpose of this FAQ?

A) The purpose of this FAQ is to answer questions that members of the Defcon community (specifically those on the Defcon Forums) have answered time and time again. The FAQ is by no-means one persons doing; it is a collaboration put together by a group of individuals. Some of the answers are humorous, some are very serious, but if you read the FAQ as one body of text you will see an underlying mean. Incase you don't see the meaning I will try to explain it a bit to you: Defcon itself is a community, which alone is obvious from the Defcon Forums and the dedicated people on it. The FAQ is a manifestation of some member's thoughts and feelings on the community. The people who contributed to the FAQ make up some of the core of the Defcon community, it is their hope that Defcon will not die. Before you even read past this point there are two questions I will pose to you, that you can only answer through your own self reflection: "Why are you attending Defcon?" and "Are you an asset to the community/event or a detractor?" While your here reflecting, before delving into the FAQ, I would suggest reading DarkTangents Open Letter to the Community (Dc9): http://defcon.stotan.org/open-letter-dc9.txt

Q) Who this the Master of the FAQ-Fu?

A) HighWizard

Q) I have a question not answered in the FAQ, what do I do?

A) Post a Comment

Last Updated... June 28, 2004