About DEFCON 101

The DEF CON 101 track is a series of talks aimed at attendees who are not yet internationally-recognized infosec experts. This is not the n00b track. But if you're interested and engaged in the hacker community, these sessions are right up your alley. From Sysadmins & NOC Jockeys to College Students & IT Professionals, everyone exploring the world of Information Security can expect to feel welcome not intimidated. We have grouped the sessions by interest area, so you're not spending all day bouncing between talks.

Think about it this way...

This year it will be in a larger track and run over all days of the conference. Are you into math but know little about cryptography? A 101 crypto talk would assume the audience is educated and interested, but don't have the real world experience. A programmer that needs to know how to hack on hardware? A 101 talk would get you oriented and up to speed with the latest trends and tools. You get the idea. Don’t think zero knowledge, think instead of attendees wanting to get up to speed and doing stuff on the latest in your area of expertise.

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